Immune Monitoring Team

Dr. Marcus Butler with the Immune Monitoring Lab researchers
Immune monitoring laboratory


The Immune Monitoring Team is led by Dr. Marcus Butler. The team’s activities range from collection of blood and tissue samples from cancer patients, to processing these samples, to performing a variety of immune monitoring analyses.

The expertise of the Immune Monitoring Team includes the following:

  1. Processing and storage of various blood components (peripheral blood mononuclear cells, serum, plasma).
  2. Processing and storage of tissues.
  3. Multicolor flow cytometry.
  4. Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS).
  5. Cytometry Time of Flight (CyToF) analysis.
  6. Immunohistochemistry.
  7. Functional assays of various immune cell types.
  8. Analysis of serum or plasma for various proteins or metabolites using methods including ELISAs, multiplex assays and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).
  9. T cell receptor identification and repertoire analysis.
  10. Tumor-associated antigen epitope identification.

The Immune Monitoring Team members are: David Brooks, Marcus Butler, Derek Clouthier, Mark Comacho, Reema Deol, Andrew Elia, Diana Gray, Marie-Jo Halaby, Naoto Hirano, Diane Liu, Douglas Millar, Linh Nguyen, Megan Nelles, Jessica Nie, Tracy McGaha, David Mulder, Pam Ohashi, Michael Pniak, Trevor Pugh, Aashiq Rahman, Michael Ryczko, Valentin Sotov, Cindy Yang, Patty Yen.